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Washington Post

'We dare defend our rights': Alabama Republicans standing by Moore reflect state's tradition of defiance
Washington Post
BRENT, Ala. — Embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore is pinning his hopes for victory on Alabama's long-held tradition of sharp defiance to perceived threats from forces outside the state. That rebellious spirit, which dates to long before the state's ...
11 Scenarios For How The Roy Moore Saga Could Play OutNPR
National Republicans can't get rid of Roy MooreCNN
Alabama pastor supporting Moore: 'More women are sexual predators than men'The Hill
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Top general says he'd push back against 'illegal' nuclear strike order
Washington (CNN) The top US nuclear commander said Saturday he would push back against an order from President Donald Trump for a nuclear strike if it were "illegal." Speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum in Nova Scotia, Canada, Gen.
The top US nuclear commander said he would resist an 'illegal' strike order from TrumpBusiness Insider
US nuclear chief to resist 'illegal' presidential strike orderBBC News
US Nuclear General Says Would Resist 'Illegal' Trump Strike OrderU.S. News & World Report
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Toronto Star

Satellite calls from missing Argentine sub logged, giving hope for rescue effort
ABC News
Seven satellite calls have been logged that Argentine officials believe are being pinged from the submarine ARA San Juan, which has been missing since Wednesday when communications broke down, giving hope that the crew can still be saved. Argentine ...
Argentina detects 7 'communication attempts' from missing submarineLos Angeles Times
US deploys more resources in search for missing Argentine submarine with 44 crew membersUSA TODAY
Signals Detected From Missing Argentine Submarine as Foreign Navies Join SearchNew York Times
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New York Post

Donations to Clinton Foundation plunged along with Hillary's election defeat
New York Post
Donations to the Clinton Foundation took a precipitous dive for a second year in a row as Justice Department officials mulled whether they would appoint a special prosecutor to probe the non-profit's “alleged unlawful dealings.” Contributions to the ...
Bill Clinton breaks with Hillary on impact of Comey letterThe Hill (blog)
The Hillary EffectNew York Times
Does Fox News have sway over the Justice Department?Salon
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Police officer in Pennsylvania shot and killed after traffic stop
(CNN) Law enforcement agencies on Saturday searched for a suspect in the death of a western Pennsylvania police officer gunned down during a traffic stop. Brian Shaw had been a patrolman with New Kensington's police department for less than a year ...
Authorities continue search for suspect who killed copWTOP
Shooter remains at large after New Kensington police officer killed in traffic stopWTAE Pittsburgh
Police officer shot, killed in New Kensington; suspect at largePittsburgh Post-Gazette

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Baker Mayfield apologizes, says he 'got caught up' in chippy game
LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Heisman Trophy front-runner and Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield apologized for his "unacceptable" and "disrespectful" actions toward Kansas players during the Sooners' 41-3 victory Saturday. During a chippy game that was ...
On to Atlanta: No. 7 Georgia responds to first loss by running right over Kentucky in SEC
BAM! Tai Tuivasa finishes Rashad Coulter with a huge flying knee at UFC Fight
Baker Mayfield deserves the Heisman Trophy, he just doesn't deserve our
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Robert Mugabe refuses to quit as Zimbabweans march for his ouster
Harare, Zimbabwe (CNN) Thousands of Zimbabweans took to the streets of Harare on Saturday to demand the resignation of President Robert Mugabe, in what could spell the political end for the 93-year-old leader who has ruled the country for nearly four ...
Thousands march in Zimbabwe to demand Mugabe step down, but when and if remain in questionWashington Post
Zimbabwe: Mugabe to meet with army chief on his futureBBC News
'Mugabe Must Go': Thousands in Zimbabwe Rally Against LeaderNew York Times
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Los Angeles Times

US threatens to close Palestinian office in Washington
(CNN) The Trump administration put the Palestine Liberation Organization on notice Friday that it will close the group's office in Washington if the Palestinians don't get serious about peace talks with Israel, State Department officials said ...
Palestinian president says US threat to close PLO's DC office 'dangerous' for peaceWashington Post
Palestinians Threaten To Suspend Talks If US Closes PLO MissionNPR
Palestinian Official: US Threat to Close Washington Office Is 'Extortion'TIME
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New York Times

China Envoy Discusses 'Situation of the Korean Peninsula' With North
New York Times
SEOUL, South Korea — A special envoy from President Xi Jinping of China discussed regional and mutual concerns with senior North Korean officials in Pyongyang on Saturday, the North's state media said. The trip by the special envoy, Song Tao, to the ...
Surgeons remove worms, other parasites from NKorean soldierWashington Post
What Trump Got (Half) Right in AsiaBloomberg
Images show North Korea's 'submarine ballistic missile programme'BBC News
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David Cassidy Hospitalized With Reported Organ Failure
Pop star David Cassidy has been hospitalized in Florida and is suffering from organ failure, according to his publicist. Related · 'Stranger Things': Duffer Brothers And Cast Reflect On Season 2, Keep Tight-Lipped On Season 3. The 67-year-old David ...
David Cassidy, 'Partridge Family' superstar, in critical conditionCNN
The Partridge Family star David Cassidy in critical (blog)
The Partridge Family Star David Cassidy Hospitalized for Organ FailureTIME
Reuters -HuffPost
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Google News

Russian President Putin said that the creation of a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington based on the principles of equality, mutual respect and consideration of each other's position would respond to the interests of both countries and the world.
Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory message to Donald Trump, who was elected President of the United States.

In his congratulatory message on the Kremlin's official website, Putin said he hopes to work together on issues such as removing Russia-US relations from the crisis, resolving issues on the international agenda and seeking answers to global security threats.

Putin stressed that creating a constructive dialogue between Moscow and Washington on the basis of equality, mutual respect and the consideration of each other's position will answer both countries' interests and the world's interests.

Russian leader Putin wishes Trump, who has been elected US President, to succeed in his new post.
Putin and Obama's 'last encounter'

Obama and Putin Peru's capital city came together in the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit held in Lima.


According to Sputnik, Russian President Vladimir Putin had a 'short chat' with US President Barack Obama at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Lima, the capital of Peru.

The Kremlin spokesman Dmitriy Peskov said the two leaders greeted and chatted before the session. Peskov said in a previous statement that Putin and Obama will meet several times during the event, saying, "We will briefly discuss this evening with the meal, which will be the first event both of them participate and then we have a full day tomorrow." The Kremlin spokesman said that no agreement had been reached in advance regarding the calls between Putin and Obama.


While there is no explanation as to what the leaders are talking about, it is said that this talk may be the last meeting between Obama and Putin, who will be on duty with Donald Trump on January 20th.


President Obama said that Trump, the 45th president of the United States, has often been criticized for Russian statements, and he should not go on policy changes.

 Koskoca chose Trump, the contractor, to save America's economy
The electorate in the US went to the polls yesterday and voted to elect the 45th president of the country. The electorate has decided between Hilary Clinton of the Democrats and Donald Trump of the Republicans. The Canadian immigrant site has collapsed. On the way to the Mexican border, Clinton was shocked! The tax reduction pushed the poor American people to Trump.
 There was little difference between Clinton and Trump in the polls conducted before the election. Although official results have not been announced yet, Donald Trump, a prominent Republican candidate, is very close to the presidency. Ohio, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin, Iowa and Florida, Trump has reached 254 delegates so far. He needs 16 delegates to announce Trump's presidency. Virginia, Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and California, Clinton has reached 55 delegates and needs 55 delegates to be able to overturn Trump and announce his presidency. Hilary Clinton received 47 percent of the votes, while Trump reached 48 percent.
In Kalifonia, a weapon attack has been organized for the selection bureau. The dollar has shaken the world economy. The dollar in Turkey started at $ 3.28 per day. They are laying the groundwork for the Third World War. Russia is known as a pawn for the plan to fluctuate frequently in the world economy by some segments of Trump, which promises good living with Putin.
Trump reached 274 delegates as of 09:40 and the American leader said me.
'Russia expects inflation pressures'
Prof. Dr. November, 'to buy goods from Turkey, the price of products not bought in Russia will increase the inflation in Russia will also cause pressure' he said.
Abant zzet Baysal University (ABÜ) Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Dr. Kamer Kasm said, "Not buying some products from Turkey will cause inflation in Russia to pressure it because it will increase the price of the products it does not buy in Russia."

Prof. Dr. In November, he told AA correspondent that the reaction given by Russia to overthrow the war plane, which violated the Turkish airspace, was excessive.

Reminding that Turkey did not participate in the sanctions imposed on the West by the West after the Ukrainian crisis, "It is clear that Russia, which has been subjected to such sanctions by the West, will also harm the Russian economy if it encounters inflationary pressures due to sanctions imposed on Turkey in an economic sense. Is not very rational in terms of Russia, "he said.

Russia also voiced that Turkey has stopped expeditions for tourists to come to Turkey, saying, "As of January 1, 2016, it will abolish visa-free transit.
This means that all of them will apply to Russia as a package means a serious blow to the economy of Russia as well as to Turkey. "Russia's decision to go to other constraints, such as the purchase of vegetables and fruits, will also negatively affect its domestic market. November, Russia continued: "If Turkey does not buy tomatoes, it has to present it to the domestic market, which means that it should be bought from another source, which means that it will cost more. The increase in food prices is automatically reflected in inflation in the Russian Federation, which leads to inflation. "Trump Turkey will earn billions 18.11.2016 - 14:54 | Last Update: 18.11.2016 - 14: 54 Trump will earn billions in Turkey As Trump is elected as the new president of the United States, a process that is affecting the whole world is triggered, and changes involving the economy sector are expected to take place in the coming days. In this context, it is expected that new equations will be drawn in the US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and Turkey will play an active role in this process. For the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), which can deeply affect the destiny of the United States and Europe, Negotiations are running. TTIP, which is not regarded as a commercial agreement, is regarded as an "economic and political integration". If the agreement is signed, the world's economic map will be redrawn. Donald Trump's election as president of the United States and the rise of extreme right in Europe are seen as the main obstacles ahead of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement in the negotiation process, stating that they are against free trade agreements. It is a matter of curiosity how the new political atmosphere emerging in Europe and the United States will affect the future of the future. According to a survey by CENTER FOR ECONOMIC POLICY RESEARCH (CEPR), the GDP in Europe is expected to increase between 68 and 119 billion euros in Europe and between 50 and 95 billion euros in the US by 2027. According to calculations made by the European Commission, the signing of the TTIP will increase the European economy by 120 billion euros and the US economy by 100 billion euros. Countries that will remain out of the agreement will suffer great losses. For example, it is estimated that the loss of Russia will be $ 44.9 billion, the Chinese economy $ 35.2 billion, and the Indian economy $ 35.3 billion. Where does Turkey come from? With Turkey joining the Customs Union in 1995, And the free movement of goods, services, capital and people between the EU and the EU. This contributed greatly to the development of economic relations between Turkey and the EU. As a matter of fact, Turkey's most important partners in foreign trade are Germany, England and other EU member countries. The most important reason for this is the convenience that the Customs Union has emerged in the field of trade. The Customs Union will be revised. Another important request of Turkey is revision of the Customs Union. For this purpose it was announced that the issue of the Customs Union between Turkey and the EU will be re-examined. Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi, who attended the meeting titled "Turkey: Political-Economic Developments and the Future of the Customs Union" which was held in the month of the European Policy Studies (CEPS), announced that the Customs Union agreement would be revised. In 2017, negotiations will start. Mr. Zeybekci, Zeybekçi voiced that the revision of the Customs Union will start in 2017. Turkey, which wants to take measures against the EU-US negotiations, said that Turkey will be taking part in the decision-making mechanism and that it should be updated to the fields of agriculture, food services and public procurement. The aim is to eliminate the disadvantages of competition that Turkish goods may face if the agreement is signed and to ensure that the raw materials and semi-finished goods needed by Turkish industrialists are provided on more favorable terms. Turkey's policy The resulting table and the road map in front of Turkey can be summarized as follows: And after the announcement that it is against the TTIP, Trump will cancel the talks on the deal and Turkey will focus only on revising the EU and the Customs Union. If the negotiations on the free trade agreement continue during the Trump period, Turkey will try to take part in the negotiation table. The three possibilities can be listed as follows: - Turkey, like the Customs Union itself Sweden, Ireland and Ukraine, acting in coordination with countries such as Turkey, Turkey, TTIP
May sign a free trade agreement, which will be in line with the Customs Union, in parallel with the US directly. - Turkey may take new measures against free trade agreements, which the EU will sign with third parties. Donald Trump, who won the presidential election in the US, Barack Obama from the White House and presidential seat, as well as the passwords of nuclear weapons. Donald Trump, who won the presidential election in the US, is now receiving the current president Barack Obama's foreign policy, economy and social policy heritage He will also take over the heritage of the White House, its commander-in-chief, presidential plane and helicopter, vehicle of authority, and nuclear weapon codes.2 | Following the election made in the 20th AD, Donald Trump, a billionaire businessman who is eligible to replace Barack Obama in January, will take on an important legacy in a number of challenging issues in foreign policy, economics, health, domestic politics and social affairs. But the inheritance that the new president will inherit from Obama is not limited to that. Trump, who takes over the seat in the ceremony on January 20th, will be the White House's new resident, as well as the presidential air force One, who will also use the chief helicopter called the "The Beast" and the Marine One.