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Lets start from the beginning.In standard spoken English we use the term epoxy but there are also other words that are rarely in use like: epoxies and epoxide. The most common spelling errors that people make typing search key words are as follows: epoxi instead of epoxy or epoxie instead of epoxies

Now what is epoxy - epoxies ?

Epoxies are polymer materials that begin life as liquids and are converted to the solid polymers by a chemical reaction. An epoxy based polymer is mechanically strong, chemically resistant to degradation of the chemical elements in the solid form and highly adhesive during conversion from liquid to solid. There are a wide range of basic epoxy chemicals from which an epoxy system can be formulated.

Physically epoxy systems contain two components, resins and a hardeners. The resin component is usually light, sometimes almost clear colored and almost odour free. Hardeners are usually dark and have a characteristic ammonia-like smell. When these two components are brought together and mixed intimately in a prescribed way, they will react chemically and link together irreversibly, and after the chemical reaction has been completed, they will form a rigid plastic material.

Applications of epoxy based materials are extensive and include coatings, adhesives and composite materials like carbon fiber and glass-reinforced plastic (although polyester, vinyl ester, and other thermosetting resins are also used for glass-reinforced plastic). Epoxies are known for their excellent adhesion, chemical and heat resistance, good to excellent mechanical properties and very good electrical insulating properties. Almost any property can be modified.

How to Paint an Epoxy Floor

Painting is a popular finish for concrete, but a difficult one to maintain. Painted concrete often chips or peels due to inappropriate preparation and/or finishing. Many people do not realize that their finished concrete floor has been sealed with epoxy, over which paint cannot adhere well. In order to do a proper job, you must remove this epoxy before painting, and then seal the surface well to prolong the pristine look of your concrete floor.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things Youll Need:
* Degreasing cleanser
* Water
* Scrub brush or push broom
* Mop
* Long-handled paint roller
* 2 fine-nap rolls
* Plastic paint pans
* Soy-based chemical stripper
* Paint scraper
* Broom and dustpan
* Masonry primer
* Standard-nap roll
* Epoxy-based paint
* Super-fine nap roll
* Masonry sealant

Removing the Epoxy
1. Clean the floor well by scrubbing it with a mixture of 1 part degreasing cleanser and 2 parts plain water. Choose a stiff-bristled scrub bush or push broom to work the cleanser well against the floor. Use a mop and water to rinse the floor thoroughly, and let it dry 48 hours.
2. Begin in the farthest interior corner of the room and work toward the exit, if the floor is inside. Use a long-handled paint roller with a fine-nap roll to apply a generous layer of soy-based chemical stripper all over the surface of the concrete. Allow the stripper to sit for 10 to 15 minutes.
3. Move again to the farthest interior corner. Pry up all of the now loosened and peeling old epoxy with a large paint scraper. Sweep up the solid pieces of debris, and mop the entire concrete floor again with plain water until all of the stripper is removed; wait 24 to 48 hours.
Painting the Floor
4 Place a new roll on your long-handled paint roller, and apply a single thin, even coat of masonry primer all over the concrete floor. Remember to work from the interior toward the exterior, if applicable. Wait three hours and apply a second coat of primer; allow the primer to dry 24 hours.
5. Exchange the roll of your roller again for a clean, standard-nap one. Roll on a coat of epoxy-based paint just as you did the primer. Let this first coat dry for three hours, then apply a second layer.
6 Seal the floor once the paint is dry, 24 to 48 hours later. Place a super-fine nap roll onto your long-handled paint roller and roll on a thin coat of masonry sealant, following the same process you did for the primer and paint. Apply a second coat once the first is dry and wait 48 hours before walking on the floor.

Coating to protect against external influences, or to beautify the appearance of the surfaces of objects covering the operation of another substance. Kaplamacılıkta as a means of coating used in many procedures.
Metal coating: metal or non-metallic anti-corruption bodies, surfaces or abrasion-resistant metal covered many times. Cleaned and prepared before the coated surface. Coating process, spraying, dipping, diffusion, gas and vacuum is performed within the means of condensation.
Surrface Preparation: Before the coating process of organic and inorganic contaminants and oxide layers coated surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly. For this, the metal surface, immersed in the appropriate solvent or solvents to clean the surface by spraying the surface of foreign substances. Alkaline detergent is used according to the type of dirt or acid solutions. If necessary, they will contribute to the high pressure injection into the corrosive salts utilized fine. Electrolysis method may be applied. Oxide layer of steel and removal of 65-85 ° C temperature reduction as a matter of 15% 10-sulfate acid (H2SO4) solution or dilute hydrochloric acid at 20 ° C is used.

Mechanical cleaning: Aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasive stone and dust, sand paper or cloth surface to smooth and covered by dirt, foreign material removed. The surface is sprayed with steam under pressure, or abrasive powders or etching the surface of a rotating drum is provided in the covered parts.

Chemical cleaning: This method of acid etched metal surfaces, dağlanır, chemical or electrochemical polished way. Copper surfaces are usually persulphates, chromate compounds, or salts of iron oxide by using three dağlanır. Chemical polishing of zinc and aluminum, such as nitric and phosphoric acid is carried out by immersion into a strong oxidizing acid solutions. Electro-polishing of the aluminum, iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc, various alloys, electrolytic copper anode connects to the bathroom.

Metal Coating Operations

Injection: In case the corresponding metal or metal alloy powder or wire coated with a gun to the surface is sprayed is melted. Spray coating through the two most widely used metals, zinc and aluminum. More liquid metal spray tanks, used for coating of steel structures in place.

Hot-dip: coated metal surface, after cleaning the molten metal daldırlarak surface diffusion (diffusion) through the coating is provided. For this purpose, as metal coatings, zinc, tin, lead and aluminum is used. Steel, zinc is dipped galvanized. Zinc can also be used instead of tin. Thin sheets of iron from tin cans are immersed. To avoid surface oxidation during the process, the appropriate fluxes, using the surface air in contact with hydrogen or inert gases are cut off.

Cementation or diffusion coating: coated metal, put into powder coating the metal is heated to be used. Environment oxidation, anti-substances in contact with air, inert gases are kept. For example, with a metal coating of aluminum diffusion of the means by which metal parts kalorizasyon process, in which the aluminum powder is placed in a rotating drum. Sementasyonunda iron temperature is 850 ° -950 ° C. This way of iron with zinc kaplanmasına şerardizasyon (shererdization) is called. Chrome plating is done with it is called kromizasyon.

Pin (Percussion), coating (Peen plating): coated metal parts, metal powders used in coating solution and an activator in conjunction with a rotary drum is placed inside. There is also the effect of metal parts falling within the pulse of the drum. Washer (washer), nails, small pieces of chain with this method, such as zinc, brass and is coated with cadmium.

Gas coating: Coating of metal used for the gaseous compound, usually carbonyl, while the coated object is heated body. Hot on the surface of metal atoms separated from the gaseous compound is collected on the surface. This procedure than chromium and iron-plated nickel coating can be sometimes.

Vacuum condensation: this method of casting metals and plastics can be coated with metal. To be used for coating metal is evaporated in vacuum by heating with tungsten heater. Track surface is coated, cleaned, adjusted and polished the metal vapor within the cell are rotated. Metal vapor condenses on the surface of the cold part. Aluminum, gold, silver and other metals buharlaştırılabilen used for this purpose. This is not sort of wear-resistant coatings, also coated with a lacquer.

Chemical reduction through the coating (Electroless): Water-soluble silver, gold and copper salts in an aqueous medium with a strong reducing effect through the reduction of the glass (as in the construction of the mirror), plastics and metals can be covered.

Chemical coating by means of substitution: Fields, the displacement solution through the copper, gold, silver and coated with tin. Coating thickness is very thin (2.5 x10-6 mm).

Plated by electrolysis (Electroplating): coated metal or plastic track surface was made conductive, the metal salt solution used for coating in the cathode connected to the metal cations, coated on the surface by the accumulation is performed by passing an electric current. (See Electrolysis)

One of about 33 with the metal, in aqueous solutions, electrolysis can be plated. Other metals plated with molten salts or organic electrolytes to do is electrolysis. The coating of metal with about 15 commercial purposes. Some of these are: Copper, silver, zinc, gold, platinum, cadmium, tin, lead, chromium and nickel
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